About Hand Heart Cards

Hi there,

It's ilyssa here, the founder, creator and chief crafting engineer of Hand Heart Cards.

It all started with the husband. You see, my husband and I have completely different love languages. He is a hugger and a verbalizer. I am not. Instead, I do all the mundane things around the house to show my love like fold his socks, stock the pantry with his favorite snacks, swap out his tooth brush head every 3 months...just epic shows of romance you know.

One day, he told me this random story he read somewhere on the internet about another hug-phobic wife. Apparently, we were not alone in our communication conundrum. The husband somehow got the wife to agree to tap him three times every time she felt like saying "I love you". Before long he was getting taps all the time. He was wondering if I might considering doing something similar.

And that's how we got here. I might not be good with words of affirmation but I am fluent in crafting. Every card here is an expression of my love. I hope it's a step up from the sock drawer.

From hands to heart - made with love,